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    From small events to large festivals, we take care of all your silent disco needs. Delivered in a ready-to-use package. 


    Easily connect your turntable, laptop or mobile phone to the transmitter and listen to music using the wireless headsets.


    Headset wearers can choose between three different dj's or music genres on three different channels; something for everyone!

  • Dutch prices

    We love 'em.


    €4 per set per day, including audio cables and transmitters. (ex VAT)


    We accept orders starting at 30 headsets; shipping costs are €25. Holy cow!

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  • FAQ

    Below you will find the most frequently asked questions. Can't find your question? Please contact us!

    How far is the reach of the transmitter?

    The transmitters reach headsets from at least 400 meters away, possibly further depending on the event venue space. The fm signal easily penetrates walls and other obstacles.

    Which cables are included?

    Our transmitters are delivered with RCA, XLR and jack cables, allowing them to be connected to almost any audio device: from professional turntables to an mp3 player!

    How loud can the headsets play music?

    Loud. All headsets have a volume knob, so every wearer can adjust their own volume.

    How long do the headset batteries last?

    We always deliver the headsets fully charged, after which they will last around 8 hours. If you rent the headsets for multiple days we also send some chargers along.

    Do you deliver?

    We deliver through all of the Netherlands using PostNL. We charge €25 shipping costs. Of course, picking up the equipment yourself is also possible, not to mention free.

    Do I have to pay a deposit?

    Yes. Depending on your order quantity, we will charge you a deposit of €100, €200 or €500. This deposit will be paid back to you within 10 working days of receiving the payment and undamaged goods. We do not accept the payment of this deposit in cash. Instead, we would like you to wire it to our bank account at least one working day before we ship or hand over the equipment.

    What happens in the case of damage?

    In most cases where damage is reported, the equipment is easily repaired and we will only ask for a small repair fee. If equipment is irrevocably destroyed or lost, we will charge the renter €40 per headset. Please read the terms and conditions for more information.

The renter agrees to pay the total quoted price within two weeks of receiving the invoice from Silent Discow.

During the rental period, the renter is solely responsible for the rented equipment.

If no damage or malfunction is reported to Silent Discow immediately after the equipment is set up for use by the renter, Silent Discow will assume that all of the equipment is working properly.

Silent Discow emphasises that the equipment is NOT resistant to moisture or brute force.

In the case of damage to the equipment and consequent repair or cleaning costs, these costs will be charged to the renter. If the damage is reported to Silent Discow before the equipment is returned, a discount of 10% on the repair or cleaning costs will be given.

If a headset is lost or irrevocably destroyed, the renter will be charged the replacement cost of             € 40,00. (Replacement costs of other equipment are given on request.) Most small damages can be easily fixed and will hence result in a lower repair charge.

 In most cases there will be no extra charges after the rental period.

Depending on the order quantity, a deposit of €100, €200 or €500 will be charged, which will be returned to the renter within 10 business days after payment is received and the equipment is complete and fully functional upon return to Silent Discow. The deposit will not be accepted in cash.

The order will only be shipped or physically handed to the renter after the deposit has been received.

Payment of the deposit does not imply transfer of ownership. Property is in no way transferred from Silent Discow to the renter, not even in the event that the renter pays for replacement costs of the equipment or if the renter’s deposit is withheld for any reason. 

If any disagreement exists over these terms and conditions, the disagreement shall be settled in a Dutch court, preferably in Amsterdam.